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MAA Scholarship

MMA Scholarship 


Congratulations to the 2018 recipients of the Annual MAA Scholarship Fund, Natalie Howell and Jacob Rockwell! 
You are both hard working and talented individuals who demonstrate outstanding  abilities, character, and potential. We are honored to be able to help you in pursuit of your future dreams and aspirations. We are all happy for you and proud to be supporting such outstanding young adults. Best of luck in your future studies.

Thank you to all of the MAA members and supporters that make this award possible.

-Rick Hebert
President, Maine Archery Association


Congratulations to Arielle Papalimberis, the 2017 recipient of the Maine Archery Association Scholarship Fund! 
Arielle has been a long time participant in archery and is an accomplished archer. Through her writing, she has demonstrated that the lessons and skills she has gained through participation in archery will contribute to her continued success in her future endeavors. Many of us have witnessed her journey through archery and have cheered on her accomplishments. She is an individual that works hard, has a positive attitude , and is an excellent representative of the sport of archery. We are honored to be able to help her pursue her future goals and ambitions. We are all happy for you and proud to be supporting such an outstanding young lady. Best of luck in your future studies!

This award was made possible by the hard work and generous donations of the MAA members and supporters. I am proud to be a member and to represent this great group of individuals.

Due to the continued growth and success of the MAA Scholarship Fund program, the MAA is expanding the program for 2019 to also include individual applicants that meet the following criteria in addition to current qualifying high school graduating seniors:

    • Applicant currently enrolled in college or trade school and working towards a degree.

    • Applicant has not received a previous scholarship award from the MAA.

    • Applicant under the age of 25.

    • Applicant meets all other existing scholarship qualifications requirements.

See updated Application form attached.

Deadline for receipt of applications is April 27, 2019.

THANK YOU to all the supporters and contributors to the MAA Scholarship Fund! Your generosity is making a significant difference in the lives of the quality young people involved in our organization and sport.

 Rick Hebert, President MAA