Maine Archery Association Shooter of the Year

Each indoor season the Maine Archery Association and its affiliated shops host the Shooter of the Year competition.  It covers four months from November through February.  The targets alternate from month to month between NFAA and Vegas faces.  There are shoots schedule every weekend for the four months, except the last weekend in December, to allow an archer as many opportunities as possible to get one score in each month.  An archer must be a member in good standing of the MAA and NFAA to participate in the competition.  Please see the schedule for the details of which shop is hosting shoots on each weekend.  In addition to this four month schedule there is a team round that will span the months of January and February.  Your score submitted for the Shooter of the Year will also count towards the team score.  A team must consist of one male, female and youth archer with an entry fee of $5/each or $15 for the team.  An archer may be on more than one team.

To be eligible an archer must submit at least one score in each of the four months.  An archer is allowed to shoot as many times during the month and the highest score will count for that month.  To determine the winner for each division the highest score for each month will be combined and if necessary X count will be used to break any ties.  If there are still ties for 1st place in any divisions after the X count is used the archers will be required to shoot off at the state tournament in March where all awards will be present for the season.

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